Pilates is the contrology of the body: through small movements, breathing and concentration, you can achieve a stronger core, improve your balance, your posture, your flexibility and your mobility. Lynsey's expertise enables all abilities to benefit from Pilates; she is particularly skilled at guiding beginners and offering multi-levels throughout a class.  

At our Retreats, guests benefit from Lynsey's expertise in teaching a range of classes such as:

Core, Shoulders & Stretch Pilates - to take away tension from the upper body and switch on the core muscles. 

Back Care & Strength - focussing on exercises to help strengthen and protect the back, learning how to improve posture and improve strength.

Breathing & Balance - breathing through the exercises to encourage balance, concentration and relaxation.

Core Strength - to get the core switched on and challenge those tummy muscles!

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Yoga uses breathing techniques, exercise and meditation to improve health and happiness, and regulate blood flow through all parts of your body.

Nat's expertise is in encouraging beginners on their yoga journey, whilst also challenging those with more experience.

At our Retreats, guests benefit from Nat's expertise in teaching a range of classes such as:

Gentle Hatha Flow - a gentle and nourishing slow flow to wake up the body and the mind, to find a connection to your breath and encourage freedom of movement, stretching out those morning niggles and helping you to feel grounded, calm and inspired for the day ahead.

Mindful Vinyasa Flow - a strengthening and energising class in which we focus on the flowing movement of our bodies connecting with the breath. 

Core Strength Yoga - movement to engage and target abdominal muscles, helping to build strength through the belly, side waist, glutes and back, and it will leave you feeling balanced and strong in mind and body.

Yin Yoga - a slow and meditative form of yoga to increase flexibility and to help you achieve inner stillness. Yoga poses are held for 1-2 minutes encouraging you to clear and focus your thoughts and to stretch out any aches and pains. This class will leave you feeling relaxed, restored and nourished.

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Emotional Freedom Technique combines Chinese acupressure with modern psychology and visualisation to remove blockages in a person's energy system or 'meridians'.  By gently tapping on specific points, whilst verbalising and affirming how we feel, issues are resolved and negative emotions released.  In Jen's workshops, guests learn how to use a range of techniques, including E.F.T, meditation and mindfulness, to maintain their wellbeing once they have returned to the stresses of daily life. 

At the end of each day retreat, Jen leads us in a guided meditation and visualisation in which she invites us all to go on an inward journey to positivity, rejuvenation and peace.

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In her Colour & Mood Workshops, Jana takes our guests on a journey of learning about all things to do with colour. She shares her knowledge about its healing effects, and invite us to identify our colour personality, reflecting on the emotional connections we have with the different shades and tones that we wear. 

Jana empowers us to follow our hearts when it comes to our interior spaces, to explore the connection between our environment and our wellbeing and mood, and have some fun along the way experimenting with texture and nature.

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As our resident GP, Dr Bella provides our guests with the opportunity to discuss and receive medical advice on a whole range of health and wellness issues.

In her honest and informative presentations about the Menopause, Bella shares with us how to manage symptoms through lifestyle and diet choices, and also advise us on the current research on maintaining optimum health.

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